Flying Duchess Pet Sitters

Meet our Team...


  •     ...Iwona has always loved animals and grew up in a household that had many pets over the years, including fish, hamsters, a rabbit, a guinea pig. a hedgehog and several cats. She currently volunteers a few hours every week at the Toronto Humane Society in the Feline Department and also shares her home with a rambunctious cat named Franklin, with plans of expanding to fostering cats in the near future. Iwona loves to meet and interact with all types animals and is excited to care for and get to know your furry family members.

  • Iwona


  •       ...Caitlin has been with Flying Duchess since 2011 and is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. She has had pets all her life including: cats, dogs, mice, gerbils, birds, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs. Currently, she shares her house with a ragamuffin named Kaylee, a Shih Tzu/Maltese named Krista and a rather unique Tortie/Tabby named River. Caitlin loves meeting new animals and looks forward to meeting and taking care of your pets!  


  • Caitlin


  •     ......Growing up Declan felt his house was like a zoo and he loved it! Starting from a very young age, thanks to his mother, he always had animals around. Declan always enjoyed caring for them, as many of them were rescues. Not only has he helped socialize feed and clean countless animals, he also has experienced administering medication and handling high risk animals. Currently, Declan lives with his 3 year old rat named "Big Rig" and his cat named "Chi". He prides himself on his honesty and punctuality. He is trustworthy and dependable and would love to look after your animals big or small.

  • Declan


  •       ... Jaime has loved animals for as long as she can remember and grew up taking care of a variety of pets including; a cat, a dog, rats, fish, and a 15 year old leopard gecko who she still has today. With a degree specialized in zoology and lots of experience working in pet stores, Jaime looks forward to meeting new pets and getting to know their unique personalities.

  • Jaime


  •     ....Amy has taken care of cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and hamsters and is always eager to make new animal friends. Always amazed by animals' distinct personalities, she cannot walk past a cat on the street without approaching and trying to engage it. She is skilled in the administration of insulin injections, oral medication, and asthma inhalers, and loves caring for pets with special health concerns. Amy is the proud mother to two beautiful felines.

  • Amy


  •    ...Lauren cannot remember a time in her life when animals have not been a major part of it. From childhood pets to studying wild monkeys in Africa, she has also studied animal behavior and received a masters in evolutionary anthropology. She has worked hands on with a variety of small mammals, reptiles, exotic birds and received training and experience working for a company that provided education animal programs to children. Lauren is comfortable caring for every type of pet out there and is now working at a veterinary hospital. She looks forward to caring for pets and making them feel happy and comfortable while you’re away!

  • Lauren


  •    ...Sabrina has always loved animals and always had pets over the years, including fish, hamsters, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a dog, several cats and kittens. She studied clinical and social psychology and wants to pursue her study in animal behaviour. She worked in a shelter where she was involved in limiting the stress of cats. She is also volunteering in the Toronto Wildlife Center when she has free time. Her background and her empathy for animals help her to be a really good animal caretaker. Her main interest is to make animals the less stressed and the most happy as possible. Sabrina is looking forward in meeting new pets and making them happy

  • Sabrina


  •    ...Gloria covers the east region for Flying Duchess. She looks forward to providing loving care to your pets and looks forward to play time and good old companionship. She is very sensitive to their needs, and understands their varied temperaments.
    She grew up with animals big and small from cats, dogs, birds, fish and hamsters and will take care of your pets as she would her own. She is extremely reliable and dependable and looks forward to spending quality time with your pet..

  • Gloria


  •    ...Cindy currently shares her home with 7 beautiful & amazing cats, all of them rescues. She is extremely proud that they have all adapted so well to each other with no issues. Since she was little, she has always known the neighbours by their animals - and their animals have all known her, which led to frequent pet sitting opportunities. Growing up, she shared her home with dogs. One of which came to live with her for the last year of his life. He was hearing impaired & adapted to the cats and his new surroundings, which was beautiful to see. Last December, Cindy lost Pixie, the matriarch of her Furry group. It was her passing that encouraged her to make the move to become a pet sitter - life is too short to not do what you love.

  • Cindy


  •    ...Allan's affinity and passion for animals was passed onto him at a very early age by two animal loving parents. Animals have always been an integral part of Allan's life and he's owned and raised a plethora of pets including: rescue kittens, fish (community and large aggressive cichlids), various rodents (mice, rats, degus, and hamsters), rabbits, hedgehogs, birds (finches, budgies, and lovebirds), amphibians, turtles, snakes, tarantulas, and dogs. He currently owns two beautiful and happy dogs - one of which is a rescue from Toronto Animal Services. Animals of all sorts, and walks of life, gravitate towards Allan and he'd like nothing more than to have the opportunity to help keep your loved ones happy and comfortable while you're away.

  • Allan


  •    ...Dave is a retired comedian who has chosen to devote his life to making your vacation worry-free! He has loved animals his entire life. His first love was cheetahs and in the last few years honey badgers have caught his eye. For pets, Dave has had big dogs, small dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, and bunnies. Don’t get him started on the Rottweiler German shepherds he grew with, because then he won’t shut up about them! Dave is comfortable with many different kinds of animals and particularly enjoys learning their personalities. Dave is beyond excited to make friends with your baby and make them feel right at home while you’re away!

  • David


  •    ...Jacqueline has experience and knowledge with both domestic and wild animals and everything in between! She is mature, sensitive, energetic, and understands that all animals are unique and no two days are exactly the same when it comes to animal care. She currently shares her home with 2 rescue cats named Chloe and Charlotte. Jacqueline looks forward to offering you peace of mind by caring for your pets while you are away from home.

  • Jacqueline


  •    ...Manal is a passionate lover of all animals furry, fluffy, feathered and fanged. Her obsession with animals began when she was a kindergartner who read wildlife magazines with her yarn kitten (Yarnzee). Since then, her fascination has only increased. So far she has taken care of many amazing cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters and snakes – and has yet to meet an animal she didn’t love! You can be assured she understands the importance of patience and compassion in pet care - she has one lovely rescue kitty (Zora) that can vouch for her owner’s gentle nature and cleanliness. Manal looks forward to meeting and taking care of your little loved ones!

  • Manal


  •    ...Callum is like that friend who always asks to see your animals and goes straight to them when they come over. He discovered early on that if he was going to put his hard work into something, it had to be something he loved. Animals are his passion, so that led him to Flying Duchess. He is an energetic and ardent animal lover and loves to play with any pet, big or small. Callum has grown up with a variety of pets like hamsters, cats, dogs, fish and rabbits. He never shies away from any animal and loves meeting new ones. Your pet will be in good hands with Callum and he will make sure that they're well looked after.

  • Callum


  •    ... Maia​ grew up in The Georgian Bay area and have always been around animals, particularly farm animals. ​She​ trained and competed as an Equestrian rider for many years and working as a team with horses ​was ​such a joy​ for her​. She ha​s​ cared for horses, sheep, chickens, fish, dogs and cats! Working as a farm hand has given ​her​ unique skills and making strong bonds with animals has always been a part of ​her​ life.​ ​Maia​ h​as​ two rescue cats​ growing up​, Mars and Steven. ​She and ​Mars ha​ve been on countless adventures together since ​she​ was young. He is approaching 17 years of age but seems as young as a teenager! Both ​her​ cats live with ​her​ parents now. Being away from them is hard but being able to care for pets has been such​ ​a pleasure​ for Maia​. ​She​ can't wait to meet more pet personalities!

  • Maia