If you have relocated or moved since your last booking with us and your address has now changed, please leave a note for Admin updating us with your new address
prior to making a booking so that we can update your Flying Duchess profile with your new address. Please do not try to update or change the address on your account on your end as it will not update, it may look like it has changed, however if you log out and log back in it would revert back to your old address. The change needs to be made by Admin. Please await confirmation from Admin that your address has been changed on your account before making a new booking.

If this is your first time logging in, please complete the following when you log in

Step 1 - Click on "My Pets" Step 2 - click on - ADD A PET Step 3 - enter the pet's name > upload a pic if you have one > then click Next Continue to click Next and keep entering all of the pet's info until you get to the end and then press the green Done Button. *** Repeat this Process if you have another pet **** NEXT - Step 4: click on the "My Profile" tab Step 5: scroll down until you see "Emergency Contact Info" Step 6: fill out the Emergency Contact info Step 7: scroll down until you see: "My Home Care Info" Step 8: complete the My Home Care Info Step 9: Click on the green - Update button > wait a few seconds until the "Please Wait" sign stops flashing. Step 10: Log out of your account and email me that you have updated your profile.