Client Feedback

Matthew’s Review

"Wanted to let you know that we’ve arrived home and Molly is happy and well-fed (and running around like a maniac, but that’s normal). She has obviously been very well looked-after. Thank you to Emily and Caitlin for a great job! We will definitely be in touch the next time we go away.!"

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Bruce’s Review

"Thank you very much for accommodating Laurie and I over this past Holiday season. It meant a lot for us to not have to worry over Homer and Hector while we were so heavily engaged in the personal bereavement of Laurie and her family. We especially enjoyed getting Mary's video and picture updates. She obviously cares for our critters and makes the effort to comfort them while we are away. There are no further travel plans for the immediate future, but undoubtedly I will traveling sooner than later. We will be calling on your services once again when that time arrives. All the best for the 2013!"

Natasha’s Review

"I am very happy with the services. When I get home my cat is very happy. Its like I have not been away!"

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Kathy’s Review

"I couldn't be more pleased with the care that was given to my cat. I feel comfortable and confident leaving Howie in your very competent care. I also appreciated the laser pointer that was left for us to use to play with Howie, what a thoughtful touch, and he absolutely loves it!"

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Victoria’s Review

"Really happy with the service and Caitlin and will not worry the next time I have to travel. The consultation was a great first step and the daily messages were really reassuring. I like that the group of pet sitters is small and has little change or turnover since i first visited the site a year back. Having Caitlin return would definitely be a bonus. A big roster with changing pet sitters for every visit maybe a deterrent. It was also reassuring that someone quickly returned my calls and emails. Very professional administration demonstrated a reliable service provider. Thanks so much. My pets are my biggest worry when away from home. Your service really alleviates the planning and worry."

Louis’s Review

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Katherine’s Review

"Amy was a fantastic pet sitter! I really enjoyed listening to her daily reports; they put my mind at ease that cujo was well taken care of!" Thanks again to Amy and Flying Duchess for looking after my Cujo. I'm now back at home with her.

Colleen’s Review

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Silike’s Review

"Viola took care of my cats already a couple of times; and Amy did so for the first time this May. Both Viola and Amy did a great job, especially when considering that there are not only my indoor cats to take care but also one feral cat to feed. I always feel bad leaving my cats alone for several days, so its good to know that somebody who does not only feed them and cleans the litter box, but also spends some time and plays with them. I would definitely recommend Flying Duchess to anybody with pets."

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Meaghan’s Review

"Your service has been great! I really trust that Amy has been looking after our little kitten when we are away, and we are very impressed with the service overall"

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Barb’s Review

"The daily reports are very much appreciated and very reassuring that all is well with my two kitties. Emily leaves a very thorough report and makes sure that the cats have company, exercise, play and are well looked after. I am very happy with the service she provides."

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Jason’s Review

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Jo-Anne’s Review

"We travel in peace knowing that Jacqueline is taking care of our boys. They love her, and when we come home they are happy and excited to see us. I love her updates and I look forward to hearing her message every day that we are away. It really helps me relax and enjoy our time away knowing that they are so well taken care of. Our home is always in perfect condition as she even does things like re-filling their food jar so that it is full when we get home. So happy in every way with the care that you provide!"

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Waheeda’s Review

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Julie’s Review

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Dave’s Review

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Brent’s Review

"Thank you for an excellent job, including timely reports sent with much appreciated enthusiasm. Thanks for the usual excellent service!"

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Sarah’s Review

"The cats seem happy and look well fed when I get home. Thanks for the great support, and I know that they are in good hands when I leave them with you!"

Michelle’s Review

"I am so pleased again with the job Caitlin did caring for our rabbits. We were able to enjoy our trip knowing that our bunnies are in such capable hands. We will definitely use your service again. Thank you so much!!!"

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Rosanna’s Review

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Stephane’s Review

"Thank you kindly for the great pictures! And thank you to Stephanie for taking them and for the great pet-sitting over the weekend. Please pass on my thanks, and also let her know not to worry about the paw prints on the floor - can't be helped with two cats who like to dip their paws in the water!

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Yelp! Reviews

Matt W.

York, ON


Love this service.  I signed up to have my dogs walked for 50 minutes mid-day while I'm at work.  The price is very reasonable for two dogs for that period of time.  Kind of awesome to have a private dog walker too. The service is very professional.  They use lock boxes (yours or they sell you one at a reasonable cost) to store the keys, so you are never really handing over the key to someone. A great piece about the service is that they have a voice message box where you can get detailed reports on how the visit went.  It is really nice to know just what trouble my dogs are getting into when I'm not around. Another great thing is unlike other dog walkers, they don't have a small service area.  They find someone that will be good for your area, and that person will do all the visits (unless something comes up and another will cover).  This is great, I think my dogs have really bonded with Emily. From the reviews and what I've been told, people usually use them for cats.  I think for 29 bucks, to walk my dogs for almost an hour - privately - is a great deal. I will definitely use them again should the need come up.  So thank you Emily and Caitlin for taking such great care of my dogs.


Michelle Y.

Wychwood Park, TO


I have used Flying Duchess twice now for our rabbits - once for a weekend, and this second time for a two-week trip. I'm so pleased with the job sitter Caitlin did caring for our rabbits on both occasions; it's not everyone who is rabbit-knowledgeable enough to do such an excellent job caring for bunnies. Also, the pricing seems unbelievably fair given the level of service. You do have to book as early as possible, since this is a small business and they book up quickly. Also, it can take 24-48 hours for them to get back to you about your sitting request, another good reason to give yourself some lead time. All in all, we have had a great experience with our sitter, and will definitely use Flying Duchess again. Thank you!!


Nate g.

Annex, TO


Went on a 2 week vacation to Europe recently and contacted the fine folks at Flying Duchess to come look after our old cat while we were gone. They sent a sitter over for a consultation, where we walked her through the house, showed her where everything was, what the cat's habits were, let her meet the cat, etc Then away we went. Needless to say I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all went. Not only did the girl feed the cat, play with the cat, clean the litter, etc, she also watered our plants, brought in our mail, took out the garbage, swept up the cat fur upstairs, etc Really went above and beyond. And every day she would leave a voicemail on this system they have setup, which then uses Google Talk to translate the vmail into an email, which is auto-sent to me, which I could check on my iPad while overseas to keep on with the progress. On top of all this, they were WAYYYY cheaper than the old cat sitter we used to use when we lived in the Annex. Overall top notch. Highly recommended. They will totally be our pet sitters going forward.


Alexa M.

Roncesvalles, TO


What an amazing pet sitting service. I certainly had a tall order with 3 cats, 1 rabbit, and 1 parakeet. On top of that I needed someone who could safely administer shots to one of my cats. Not only did they provide excellent service, but I also received daily updates on everyone, and it was fun to hear about my babies mischievous activities while mommy was away. I actually came back one day early and I was pleasantly surprised with the tidiness of the place. Even my plants were watered! Highly professional, and after a long search, this is a keeper for me and my babies.


Gail W.

Yorkville, TO


Yet another rave review for Flying Duchess Pet Sitters. So, we have these two fussy cats. They're not bad cats, but they won't use a litter box that has more than about 36 hours worth of of cat "output" in it. If there's too much they find another place to go, usually our living room carpet. So, needless to say, we are pretty particular about who takes care of our cats. After a terrible experience with another cat sitting service, we were worried about leaving our cats for a week over the holidays. After doing some research and looking into a few services in the neighbourhood and calling up and speaking to a few places I finally decided on going with the Flying Duchess, and I am so glad I did! My sitter (whom I won't name as I'm not sure if she wants it on print) did a fantastic job - kitties were clean, happy, and well-fed when we returned - and not one drop of pee outside the litter box! They even sent us email voice messages and photos to let us know that everything was going great while we were away. Their rates are not the cheapest we found, but the extra couple of bucks a day pale in comparison to the cost of carpet cleaning - coming home to happy cats - Priceless!


Sara O.

Lesliville, TO


We've finally reached the mature stage of using professional petsitters now instead of bugging friends. How grown up! I've had to call upon Flying Duchess Petsitters when I've been in a pinch and needed our 3 cats looked after. They didn't charge us any additional fees for the last minute request and they didn't charge us extra for the additional cats. That's a real bargain! We had a consultation with our petsitter (who has become our regular petsitter). During the consultation, we showed her around the house and she had the opportunity to meet our furry little friends. This is a nice way of introducing each other so they aren't alarmed and start slashing and hissing when it comes time for the petsitter to drop in. We also figured out a good hiding spot for the lock box for our house key. While we were away, our kitties were well taken care of. To give extra peace of mind, they send an email with a voicemail (and a google transcribing of the voicemail which is totally off but provides us with some good laughs). Our petsitter gives a pretty detailed description of her visit which is always nice to know that the cats aren't tearing each other or the house apart in anger over our absence. When we got home, our cats didn't give us the cold shoulder like they normally do when we go away so our petsitter must've done a great job at making them feel loved. The prices are excellent and the service is fantastic so if your furry little friends need some looking after, I highly recommend calling up Flying Duchess Petsitters!